6 Bank Card Secrets Everyone Should Know!


Improving financial literacy: bank card secrets that help us avoid embarrassment.

Signs of authenticity.

To tell if a fake card is in front of you or not, you need to shine ultraviolet light on it. A genuine Visa will show a “V,” a MasterCard will show an “M” and a “C,” and an American Express will show the image of an eagle.

Do not give your CVV/CVC to anyone.

This is a three-digit code located on the back of the card and is as confidential as the PIN. It is used to verify your card so that you can use it to pay online. If this code gets into the possession of intruders, they might as well buy something.

Bank cards can be insured.

A good solution could be to use the service from a reliable organization like Sberbank, so you don’t have to worry about it later. Sberbank offers a Card Protection online policy that guarantees compensation against a number of risks: online fraud and real-life fraud, forcible card and PIN theft, cash theft during ATM withdrawals. By the way, this insurance works anywhere in the world.


You can set spending limits for each type of card. This helps you avoid impulsive purchases and also protects you from abuses that if the card is stolen, you can’t quickly delete it.

Card number.

It is not just a long number, but a series of important digits. The first four denote membership in a payment system, the next five are information about the bank and card type, and the next 9 are details about the cardholder. The last digit, the check digit, is interesting. It is calculated according to the Luna algorithm and allows avoiding errors during manual input.

SMS notifications.

They are more for immediate reaction in case of unexpected charges than for convenient control of your expenses.

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