Burn internal thigh fat fast with this 10-minute floor workout, trainer says — don’t eat this that


“Thigh gap.” As a trainer, I often hear this term from clients when they share their target areas. What they actually refer to are the muscles that line the inside of the thighsor their adductors. While it’s great for sculpting and defining these muscles for aesthetic purposes, it will also stabilize your pelvis, strengthen your core, and prevent knee injuries from a functional point of view. There are various assignments that will relieve these muscles, but the most effective can be done simply by lying on the floor. That’s why we put together the best 10 minutes floor routine that will help burn the inner thigh fat quickly. Read on to learn more and don’t miss out The 6 best exercises for strong and toned arms in 2022, says trainer†

workout to burn thigh fat fast
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To set up for this trainingLie on your right side, bend your right elbow and place it under your shoulder. Your arm should be parallel to the front of the mat. Make sure to relax your shoulders and activate your right body by pushing off the mat. Then bend your left knee and place your left foot on the floor next to your right knee. Finally, extend your right leg to the right corner of the mat and bend your foot. Keep a micro bend in that leg so you don’t lock out your joints.

Get ready to burn inner thigh fat fast with this 10-minute series. It will make your legs tremble and your body drenched in a satisfying sweat.

woman butterfly stretch

Leg lifting (10x)

Make sure you start in the starting position described above. Start engaging your adductors by lifting your leg as high as you can. Hold for a second at the top to further tighten your muscles, then slowly lower your leg about an inch above the mat. Continue lifting and lowering.

Leg pulses (10x)

Keeping your leg at its highest elevation (at least at a 45-degree angle), pulse your leg up and down. These pulses must be super small.

Bending and pressing leg (10x)

Again, keeping your leg at the highest point, start bending your knee about 5cm and then extend it back out. You will really feel your inner thighs flare up.

Leg rotation (10x)

While your leg is still lifted, rotate your foot toward the ceiling and rotate it back toward the front of the room. You essentially rotate your hip and your foot at the same time.

Repeat each exercise again.

Lay Jackknife (10x with a Final Hold)

To really burn this leg, extend your left arm toward the sky and point your toe. As you lift your leg to the highest point, reach your left hand toward your right ankle, touching your core and tapping the ankle. Lower the leg again and bring your hand above your head again. Continue 9 more times, holding the last one at the top for 4 seconds.

Repeat the series on the left and make sure to open those inner thighs with a butterfly stretch afterwards! And remember: daily exercise in combination with healthy eating habits is the ultimate way to burn fat and build long, lean muscle.

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