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It can be a tough time to keep your bank account full and have enough money coming in to keep your PMC raids in Escape from Tarkov, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re looking for ways to make sure you don’t scrape up rubles every time you hit the post-collapse streets of fictional Russia, this is the guide for you.

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Not all money in the game is created equal, and there are items that even a king’s bounty won’t help you claim, but it’s still the most consistent way to properly equip your PMC, upgrade your Hideout, and keep your Tarkov journey running smoothly. No trick will make you a Tarkov billionaire, but a combination of smart play and purposeful spending will make it much easier for you to keep collecting money between your forays. Here’s everything you need to know about how to make money in Escape From Tarkov.


How does escaping Tarkov’s money work?

Escape From Tarkov has three currencies that players can acquire: rubles, dollarsand euros. Each of the three can be spent in different ways and appear in different rarities, so they aren’t perfectly interchangeable.


Rubles are by far the most common form of money you will encounter and spend in the game while euros and dollars have more niche uses. For the majority of your experience, the ruble will be the currency you care about most. This is how you buy guns, most Hideout upgrades, armor, medicine, and any other tools vital to survival during raids. Rubles are king, and the other two currencies play second fiddle, but they are not without merit.


The functional difference mainly comes down to which traders will take each currency and what you can buy with it. Dollars are most often used for the Peacekeeper trader, everyone’s favorite fuzzy UN supply officer. He won’t take Russian or European currency, and you’ll need enough of it to increase his loyalty. At the same time, dollars are needed to complete some missions such as Friend from the West – Part 2 for skier, and Spa Tour – Part 6 for Peacekeeper.


Euros are a little less useful for general purchases, but some quests require significant transfers of Euros, so stocking them early will put you way ahead of schedule. For example, the mentor search for Peacekeeper requires 50,000 euros, and the solar energy in your hideout costs 75,000 to build. More important, fully upgrade your stash is no less than 200,000 if you don’t buy the Edge of Darkness edition of the game. The Mechanic trader also offers some weapon components for euros, but you can still buy the vast majority of its useful items with rubles.

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The best ways to make money escaping from Tarkov

There are a few consistent ways to actually make money in Tarkov, but there are also some other steps you can take to fill your wallet. Most of it comes down to targeting your game, but below you can see some tips and tricks that can help you.

Find a budget equipment and route

This may seem simple, but the best way to earn more money in Tarkov is to find consistent routes through a map and wear cheap but capable gear that you don’t mind leaving if you catch a few bullets too many with your face. The OP-SKS van Jaeger has long been a classic for this. Charge it with 7.62×54 LPS Ammo and belt on a PACA and Green SSH helmet from Ragman. The less you can lose each raid and the lower the cost of buying in, the higher your profit from successful runs will be. You may not be ready to kill the biggest PMC on the map, but you’ll be equipped enough to pick up Scavs and run for your life when a bigger fish shows up.

forests can be a good card to make such budget choices. Aim directly at the nearest village or encampment and loot as much as you can before heading for the exit. Flipping an inventory full of food and random loot can still yield a comfortable win, as long as you make it out alive. The key to this is getting a good route that isn’t overcrowded by PMCs or player cavs and getting used to the process of making your way through those key locations.

Bitcoin farm

The Bitcoin Farm is a staple of Tarkov money making programs. It’s a station that can be added to your Hideout that slowly grows the Physical Bitcoin item on a timer, even if you’re not playing Tarkov. It’s a long way off for any Tarkov player just starting their journey, but it’s one of the few reliable passive sources of income in the game. Players need one level two Intelligence Center before he could build this money printing machine. As the level increases, more and more slots appear Graphics Cards will open on the farm. The more graphics cards you have in your Bitcoin Farm, the faster it processes Bitcoins.

Bitcoins can be sold for rubles or traded for items, and the Bitcoin farm that trudges away while you’re logged out of Tarkov is a huge benefit for players looking to get cash. It’s not cheap to build, but a dedicated player gets a lot more than he puts into the rig.

Drink generator

The Booze Generator is useful for making money in the same way as the Bitcoin Farm. It’s a Hideout upgrade that creates an item that can be sold for money during a cooldown, even if you’re offline. this station creates the Fierce Hatchling Moonshine item every 48 hours and can be combined with the Bitcoin Farm for a steady stream of income that can offset the bolder aspects of Tarkov with a consistent payout for login.

Neither solution is glamorous or tricky, but Battlestate Games is relatively careful to prevent players from having one cheap trick to print in-game currency to enforce Tarkov’s gritty tone.

Recycling Used Fuel Tanks

Recycling is a great practice in the real world, and Escape From Tarkov is no different. The toilet station in the Hideout can be used to create a Magazine case and grenade case of empty fuel containers you’ve used to run your shelter. This is one of the more efficient ways to monetize spent items, as you almost always need fuel when crafting items and upgrading stations in your hideout.

If you’re going to be churning through these gas cylinders, you might as well turn them into a useful item rather than get pennies of the dollar back from the traders determined to rip you off. Keep your empty containers and you’ll always have valuable suitcases to sell for more pocket money.

With these tips and goals in mind, you’ll have the tools you need to recover from the lows of your Tarkov bank account.

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