Gag Order: Biden Admin Bans Border Officers From Sharing Data On Migrant Crisis


The Biden administration on Monday banned customs and border security officials from sharing information about the extent of illegal border crossings on the southern border without authorization from the Department of Homeland Security. Breitbart reported.

The gag order points to the possible end of Title 42, a Trump-era rule that allowed agents to turn away illegal immigrants because of the pandemic as a reason to restrict information coming from the border. The Biden administration’s directive specifically prohibits CBP officials from sharing data with media outlets as tens of thousands of migrants gather at the southern border.

Such an order is unprecedented as agencies regularly publish statistics, Breitbart reported:

The source, who is not authorized to speak to the media, says the message is intended to curb routine revelations of detentions of migrants near the southern border. These are generally provided by the Border Patrol’s chief patrol officers through social media and comments to journalists. The unprecedented directive was circulated Monday and took effect immediately.

The order was sent out under the title “DHS OPA Social Media Coordination Guidelines for Lifting Title 42.” The order was later clarified to prohibit direct communication with outlets or platforms regarding the release of migrant detention statistics without DHS approval. DHS OPA is the abbreviation for the Office of Public Affairs of the Department of Homeland Security.

Title 42 was due to expire on Dec. 21, but Chief Justice John Roberts on Monday ordered it to remain temporarily in place. The Supreme Court will decide the fate of the rule in the coming days. A repeal of Title 42 could lead to a spike in illegal immigration.

The potential end to Title 42 comes as the Biden administration oversaw a record 2.4 million meetings in the last fiscal year. Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday accused Republicans for the Border Crisis.

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