Google adds Ethereum Merge countdown clock as searches hit record high


Google Cloud developer Sam Padilla announced Friday that an Ethereum Merge countdown clock is live in the Google search engine. Searches for “Ethereum Merge” now return a native countdown clock along with the current hashrate, difficulty, and merge difficulty.

The addition shows the level at which crypto has penetrated FANG companies and the number of eyes on The Merge. Interest in The Merge has exploded in recent weeks and Google predicts it will continue to rise in the coming days.

google trends eth merge
Source: Google Trends

The countries most interested in The Merge are Luxembourg, St. Helena, Singapore, North Macedonia and Lithuania. The highest European country is Switzerland at number 7, while China and the US are at position 17 and 18 respectively.

merge interest
Source: Google Trends

The growing interest was also helped by Padilla, who led the development of the merge integration in Google. In response to Sassal, Padilla explained that he had kick-started the idea and that the “search and labs team” had built out the search function internally.

The illustrated pandas will merge in true Google style when the Ethereum merge is complete. The pandas will also get closer each day until The Merge takes place. The panda is a well-known staple of Ethereum meme culture.

The meme uses a black bear as the execution layer and a white bear as the consensus layer. The Merge takes place when the bears form a fighting panda together.

eth panda
Source: sassal

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