How to Make Money in the New World: Gold Farming Guide


Ah, farming, a noble practice for people with real salt of the earth. Fun fact, my dad grew up on a farm. It builds character, gets you a lot of injuries. But that’s not the kind of farming we’re going to talk about today. Instead, we discuss how to grow gold New world with our guide to making money!

That’s right, we’ll discuss the best ways to get those gold coins in New world, so you have multiple options for getting filthy rich. Let’s start!

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Why Even Farm Gold in New World

Coins, money, gold - whatever you call it, you will need a lot of it in the New World.
Coin, gold, money. | Image: Amazon Games via HGG/Joel Stadler

Some people may wonder why players would bother digging for gold in the first place? Indoors for most of your journey New world, money is not much of a problem. Just by going on an adventure, you will earn enough to meet your financial needs without much effort.

Most of the items in the game are crafted by yourself and most of the materials are easy to get. And if you improve your status in a certain area, you can reduce the taxes you have to pay by a ton. So why worry about your treasury when there are undead to kill and corruption to purge?

Two words – end game.

That’s right, once you reach the endgame New world you will ache for coins. Whether you’re trying to craft all that endgame gear with its rare and expensive materials, or you want to start crafting and selling gear to maximize your various crafting skills, you’ll soon run out of money.

And that’s especially true for regular updates and features that require you to keep creating new end-game gear. Sometimes you upgrade more often than the average Apple customer. So let’s start by discussing each of the best ways to make money New world in our yellow pages.

The Trading Post

Use the trading post
Capitalism at its best. | Image: Amazon Games via HGG/Joel Stadler

The first method of farming money New world which we will cover in our guide is using the trading post. Almost everyone who plays MMOs knows that the Player Market is one of the main ways players make money in the game. New world is no exception. The question is how.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as buying resource X, selling resource X, making a profit. But with these tips, it can be close. The first thing to pay attention to is why buying and selling on the trading post works at all. The reason is simple; people are lazy.

Many players won’t want to spend a lot of time searching for rare or simply in-demand resources to craft their in-game items and will simply buy them from the trading post. Not only that, but they will be willing to spend a decent amount of money on it. And on the flip side, players will often sell relatively cheaply to move inventory.

The best things to sell at the trading post

It depends. To earn money at the trading post, you need to study it to see which items are in high demand on your server. Prices vary both between servers and between different times/days. So by studying both the trading post and the chats, you can stay on top of what many players want.

Once you figure that out, and remember, this is going to changeso always stick with it, it’s just a matter of buying the items at low prices, or growing them yourself, and then selling them for a profit.

Keep in mind that other players can also farm items, so if you’re selling something that can be easily obtained around the world, you may not have many buyers. It’s also worth noting that if your items don’t sell within a few days of posting, they probably aren’t in enough demand for your coin farming needs. So be prepared to make the switch if you need to.

However, don’t do it right away either. A few days is the best time frame (use your discretion within that time frame) to maximize your profit without paying a bunch of trading post fees without any benefit.

Gather resources

Collect skills
Backbreaking labor for fair currency. | Image: Amazon Games via HGG/Joel Stadler

If you’re not much of a fan of playing the market, or just want a more “fair” way to make your coin, you can do that with your collecting skills. Instead of buying and selling, just sell. Once again we take advantage of players’ laziness to make money. You can go out and take the time to edit all the in-demand resources that other players need but don’t want to prey on themselves.

Choose the resource(s) of your choice, maximize the collection skill(s) of your choice, and eventually get tier five versions of the required collection tools. You can do this without maxing out your skills and tools, but that’s the most efficient way to craft resources. Then you just sell bucketloads of your chosen raw material(s) and profit.

It depends on which means you actually choose. Certain endgame resources like starmetal and wyrdwood are probably pretty safe bets. That said, what people need/want will vary based on time and server, current patches, etc. So again, find out what’s currently being sold and manage that.

Refine Tier 5 materials

Refining Skills - New guide to making money in the world
Refine, enhance, zoom, focus. | Image: Amazon Games via HGG/Joel Stadler

You can also earn money from your refining skills. When you max out a refined skill (reach level 200), you can create a special level five material related to that refined skill. These are highly sought after and can be sold for a tidy profit. And if you’re already editing specific resources with a certain collecting skill, you can pair that with a skill to refine relationships to make the whole process more efficient.

The trick here is that you can only make so much of each level five material per day. If so, it’s standard for other players to pay a refiner a refiner fee, as well as give them the raw resources for the refiner to craft these tier five materials for the other player, bypassing the daily limits .

Create endgame equipment

Crafting Skills - New World Money Making Guide
Only the best will do. | Image: Amazon Games via HGG/Joel Stadler

This trading method requires the most setup and investment upfront in our New world money making guide but it has a high payout. Instead of just growing resources to sell, you can make the items people want.

The problem is to make it really worth doing this, you’re going to want to make endgame gear. Specifically, you want to focus on crafting the best endgame gear so you can maximize your winnings. This means that you have to use your relevant crafting skills to the maximum (level 200), but that is not enough.

If you really want to make your coin by crafting, you’ll want to focus exclusively on the best endgame gear with the best scores/skills. This means you focus on gunsmithing, armor and jewlcrafting. You will, of course, have to maximize the relevant crafting skill, but there is more.

To get the best items, and to get them consistently, you need level five material and follow the general steps below:

  • You need three for Armoring and Weaponsmithing Major armored vehicleting trophies and three major gunsmith crafting trophies respectively.
  • Next, you’ll want to wear a full set of crafting armor for the given crafting skill you’re using (i.e. one that maximizes your armor, gunsmithing, or jewlcrafting perks).
  • Then you want to consume food that gives you relevant crafting bonuses.
  • Finally, you’ll need craft mods to guarantee the perks you want for your item, and timeless shards to guarantee the stat bonuses you want for your item.

Making endgame gear is obviously a lot more labor intensive than collecting and refining methods, but it’s an investment. Once you have the right set up, you can conjure up the best weapons and armor and start making ridiculous amounts of gold in New world.

Legendary item farming

Legendary Item Farming - New World Money Making Guide
MurderHobo.exe activated. | Image: Amazon Games via HGG/Joel Stadler

If you want a completely different approach from the previous methods, you can use coins of glorious battles! The endgame zones of Reekwater, Edengrove, Shattered Mountains and Ebonscale Reach are home to elite bosses from level 62 to level 66. Here is a list of bosses you can find in Ebonscale Reach:

  • Corrupt Ravager Silas. Elite boss in Serenity Outpost
  • Gnasher. Elite boss in Serenity Monastery
  • Cent. Elite Boss in Stormcourt shipment
  • Jackson. Elite Boss in Stormcourt shipment
  • Daisy the dancing bear. Elite boss in Imperial Palace
  • Red Claw. Elite boss in Euphorcea
  • Mighty Tusk. Elite boss

These bosses will fall legendary named items that can sell for a huge profit. However, these items are unsurprisingly rare, so you’ll have to fight these bosses a lot. Also this is not solo content. These enemies require cooperation with other players. But if you like raid battles then this is the farming method for you.

Farming of faction items

Faction Item Farming - New World Money Making Guide
Not quite the Runes of Holding you’re looking for. | Image: Amazon Games via HGG/Joel Stadler

Maybe solo questing is more to your liking than big team battles against bosses. If you’re like me, you enjoy doing faction quests to raise your rank in your particular faction. Well, if that’s the case, you’ll be happy to know that you can use your faction to earn coins, and plenty of them.

The main benefit of increasing your faction reputation – aside from fun missions, titles and bragging rights – is that you gain access to faction-specific equipment that can be purchased from a faction representative. Some of the most sought after faction items are the Runes of holding. These items are needed to craft bags and storage chests, so it’s worth grabbing them. So farm faction chips to farm faction items, sell them, make profit. Simple, easy, but time consuming.

There are many different ways to raise money New world, but we feel these are the best/most consistent farming practices that deserve to be featured in our guide. May your wallet always be a full explorer!

Join the High Ground

Thanks for reading our guide to making money for New world. Hopefully, these methods of cultivating New World gold prove bountiful to you. Is there another method you think we should cover or do you have specific questions? Then leave a comment below!

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