New year, new ways to shine


New year, new ways to shine


Let’s make 2023 your year! To do that, let’s start earning rewards that can be used to celebrate you.

One of your resolutions should be to honor yourself and give up the guilt of spending yourself. After all, there is no need to feel that pain when Crowd tap makes it easy to pamper yourself, without bad feelings.

Crowdtap is an online survey community that rewards its members for giving their honest opinions on some of the world’s biggest brands. You can redeem your rewards for places like Amazon, Nordstrom, Target and many more. Most Crowd tap members earn enough points towards their first gift card in the first 10-15 minutes of answering questions.

Never heard of Crowdtap? They have some solid reviews and signing up is free. In addition, they value safety and the experience is incredibly easy. However, don’t take our word for it. Hear what these Crowdtap members have to say!

Miria W. says, “It’s definitely a legit way to make money. I love it!”

Rochelle G. says, “I use my points to buy Amazon gift cards. I then use them for birthday or holiday gifts. Or maybe I’ll buy something for myself.”

Bou J. says: “It is reliable. You don’t have to wait long for gift cards, you don’t get kicked out if you don’t qualify for a survey.

Says Fathia A. “If you want to make money stress free and have your say, check out Crowdtap.”

Not only can you influence future products, but you also earn rewards every step of the way. But that is not everything! As a bonus, members who sign up for Crowd tap via ESSENCE® are automatically entered to win a $20 gift card of your choice!

So what are you waiting for? click here to sign up and get your new year off to a flying start Crowd tap!

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