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How do you get a guaranteed return of 1.3% per year above inflation?

After a long period of trading with negative returns, TIPS returns are now positive Read more

This ‘single biggest predictor of future stock market returns’ has fallen sharply – and that’s a bullish sign

A word of warning: Monthly evaluation of valuation indicators does not point to a new bull market in stocks just yet. read more

If you’re selling stocks because the Fed is raising interest rates, you may be suffering from ‘inflation illusion’

Forget everything you think you know about the relationship between interest rates and the stock market. read more

Josh Brown: ‘I don’t care what the NBER says…if people don’t get fired, it’s not a recession’

Brown, cohost of Compound & Friends and CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, also said, “If you’re worried about housing, you’re worrying about the right thing.” read more

This ETF Manager’s Tactical Models Are ‘As Bearish As They Can Be’

This week’s ETF Wrap shows how two ETFs are tactically positioned as they outperform a US stock market grappling with a “dangerous” mix of high inflation and rising interest rates. read more

Tesla, Take-Two and Exxon are among the exceptions to this big problem for stock prices

Investors like to see steady increases in sales and earnings estimates, but they have fallen for most sectors. read more

September SAD Story: Seasonal Affective Disorder Could Explain Why Stocks Are Hit Hard This Month

The end of summer has a strong influence on the mood of the buyers. read more

Stock buyers are still too optimistic to end the bear market

Expect US stock prices to fall below the June 2022 market low. This is why. read more

The S&P 500 is oversold, but dangerous

Also a ‘sell’ signal for the VIX and how to identify the next ‘buy’ signal. read more

If the market passes this imminent test, the stock will rise. We’re not there yet.

Investors are still too confident that the bear market is almost over. read more

$8-a-gallon gasoline? Brace yourself for higher oil prices as Russia escalates conflict in Ukraine, says energy guru RBC.

Any American consumers who think $5 a gallon gasoline is a thing of the past may want to listen to what Helima Croft has to say. read more

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Energy Stocks Now If You’re a Long-Term Investor

The energy sector of the S&P 500 combines low prices with high dividend yields, supported by high free cash flow. read more

Carl Icahn to investors: ‘The worst is yet to come’

The billionaire investor also has some suggestions for where people should invest right now. read more

Ray Dalio Says Equities, Bonds Need to Fall Further, US Recession Coming in 2023 or 2024

Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio shared a warning for anyone who still hopes precipitated asset prices will bounce back soon. read more

Companies should leave politics to politicians: Ramaswamy denounces ESG investing

Vivek Ramaswamy says asset managers should focus on what their investors pay them for: making money. read more

ESG investment sector likely to become less transparent as regulators crack down on ‘greenwashing’

‘It makes less sense to stick your head out and show what you’re doing.’ read more

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