Why SoFi Technologies shares are up 6% today


What happened

SoFi technologies (SOFI 6.22%) was a decent scholarship winner on Tuesday. The fintech’s share price shot up more than 6% thanks to a very encouraging internal study it released that morning. Those gains beat the lift of less than 1% of the S&P 500 table of contents.

And then

In the first of what is apparently intended to be an annual series, SoFi released its SoFi Investor Study. This research, drawn from a survey of 1,000 investors, provided some promising indications of investor behavior in the coming months. It also showed some interesting trends that will prevail in 2022.

For the most recent period, most (93%) of respondents continued to invest in various financial investments despite the often high market volatility. The three most common regrets these people had were not buying more cryptocurrency at reduced prices; they could not stockpile in the same situation; and they chose not to sell out-of-stock positions before that market declined.

Another dynamic was the shift to non-equity investments during the year. Of these, cryptos were the favorite despite their often dramatic decline. Certificates of Deposits (CDs) and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) also served as popular alternatives.

What now

Looking ahead to this year, the vast majority of respondents plan to remain active in investing. That doesn’t mean staying static, though, as 85% plan to change the way they allocate their money. The most popular expected change, 21% of respondents, was to increase the number of investments made. Close behind did more research, while No. 3 worked with a professional financial advisor.

It goes without saying that SoFi offers all these services directly or otherwise. So if the survey is indicative of broader investment trends during this year, the company will benefit quite a bit.

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